Mar 30, 2023

Midea Healthcare Unveils New Solutions for Smart Healthcare Market

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06 Jun, 2023, 09:15 ET

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FOSHAN, China, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Midea Healthcare, as one of primarily business for Midea Group (000333.SZ), recently held a new product launch event in CMEF 2023 with its five medical industry consortia – Wandong (WDM), KUKA, Midea Biomedical, Swisslog Healthcare, and Midea Building Technologies, unveiling innovative solutions for five new Midea Healthcare scenarios: medical tech buildings, operating rooms, inpatient wards, outpatient pharmacies, and logistics command centers.

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WDM introduced its liquid helium-free superconducting MRI products, which offers a cost-effective solution for transportation and addresses the issue of limited liquid helium reserves in MRI equipment worldwide. The Panorama DR, developed by WDM, provides imaging of the entire spine in a single scan, presenting an effective large-field solution for clinical applications. Additionally, WDM unveiled the new TURBOTOM 3 Series All-in-One CT, OpenCT and a Pilot Pilot System during the product release.

Additionally, as a smart IT platform innovator, WanLiCloud Healthcare introduced new medical SaaS solutions that bind cloud computing, big data analysis and AI technologies. The cross-hospital film data sharing system addresses the challenge of accessing images on the cloud in clinical applications. The Diagnostic Report AI Quality Control System focuses on service quality of medical institutions.

Midea Biomedical, renowned for its expertise in low temperature storage security, showed two core technologies: Top cooling technology and ECO ultra-fast cooling technology at the exhibition, also published solutions for five biomedical scenarios: intelligent biological sample bank, intelligent pharmaceutical reagents, intelligent vaccines, blood storage and laboratory safety. These solutions include a wide range of products across multiple categories, ensuring optimal storage and handling conditions within the temperature range of -196°C to +20°C.

KUKA showcased a range of medical applications, including the KUKA Medical Assist Robotic System, the Surgical Robotic Positioning and Navigation System, the Automated Biopharmaceutical Testing and Experiment Station - KMR Composite Robot Function Demonstration Station, and the Visual Positioning System. Additionally, they presented the world's first LBR Med robot, certified for integration into medical devices.

Swisslog Healthcare highlighted its intelligent TransClean Garbage and Linen Collection System, a solution that rapidly transports diverse waste materials within a hospital setting to a centralized collection point in seconds through a network of sealed pipes, ensuring efficient waste management.

Midea Building Technologies presented its Smart Hospital LIFE2.0 solution, a comprehensive planning approach that encompasses logistics flow, information flow, feeling flow, and energy flow in healthcare facilities. The solution caters to the diverse requirements of hospital managers, medical staff, patients, and the logistics department, addressing the needs of different spaces within the hospital environment.

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