Aug 12, 2023

How do Gacha Device Dispensers work in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)?

Get ready to empty your inventory.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has plenty of new mechanics that will keep players busy, but one of the weirdest new inclusions is giant machines that resemble classic gumball dispensers. These are called Device Dispensers and they add an element of gacha to the game, though it really only boosts one of the game's core mechanics.

As you explore Hyrule, and specifically the Sky Islands, you will battle various Zonai Constructs and collect materials tied to the ancient tribe and their creation. These, like Guardian parts in Breath of the Wild, are useful in creating specific items and fusions throughout your time playing the game.

Device Dispensers are an additional way players can interact with Zonai material, acting as an option to shuffle material you don't need or have an excess of to get different items. It is a bit more complicated than just finding the machine and twisting a knob, but here is a full guide to these mysterious machines.

Much like how you cook food, the Gacha Device Dispensers have a circular divot that you can place items into after selecting the "Hold" option in your inventory.

Dropping them into the machine will activate a cutscene where your deposited material shoots up into the device and activates a mechanism. After that, gacha capsules will drop out of an opening and scatter into the holding areas around the machine, allowing you to collect them.

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Not every item can be used to power the Device Dispensers, however. You will need to use Zonai Charges or materials you obtain from defeating Constructs or other types of specific enemies. If you don't deposit a compatible item, you will not receive a gacha capsule in exchange for it—though this won't cancel out group deposits.

For every one eligible material you deposit, you will get one item out of the dispenser. But it looks like using a full stack of five Zonai Charges will empty out an entire machine in some cases. Each Device Dispenser will tell you exactly what Zonai Devices it holds inside when you view it from the map.

The main thing you want to focus on when trying to use a Device Dispenser is the material you put into it. Only a select number of materials are compatible with the machines and will provide you with the capsuled Zonai Devices you seek inside.

Zonai Charges have other uses in TotK but are the easiest material to use if you want to clear out a Device Dispenser. Otherwise, use items you have collected from other Constructs and beasts throughout your travel to make an exchange and get your rewards.

You can find a number of Device Dispensers throughout your time in TotK, though you will likely encounter most of them while exploring various Sky Islands or structures off the ground.

You will find at least two early on if you explore the starting area where you are taught the basics of the game's new core mechanics—Great Sky Island.

Most of the items you will receive when making an exchange at a Device Dispenser are those used for building vehicles and other objects in the overworld called Zonai Devices.

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You get these items such as Flame Emitters, Fans, and Portable Pots at random depending on what material you put into the dispenser.

These Zonai Devices are all contained in capsules and can be stored in your inventory to use whenever you want. They are also part of the expanded role the Zonai tribe has in TotK.

A full list of items available in these Device Dispensers will be available at a later date.

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