Aug 27, 2023

Navigating the CBD Landscape: A Comprehensive Guide to CBD Softgels

June 9, 2023 | FlaglerLive |

The CBD market is expanding fast, as consumers embrace the herbal, non-addictive remedy of cannabidiol. This compound is derived from the hemp plant – a CBD-rich variety of marijuana that has more therapeutic benefits than its THC-rich fellow. The best thing about CBD is that it's non-psychoactive, meaning anyone can take it to treat pain, anxiety, nausea, and stress without repercussions in the form of intoxication. In other words, CBD won't get you high while at the same time delivering tangible painkilling and soothing effects.

These benefits of CBD have paved a sure path for it in the consumer market, separating it from the prejudiced and demonized THC and marijuana containing it. At present, CBD products are widely available for a variety of consumers across the USA (provided they are at least 18 years old), and anyone can try various products out to find their ideal match. Users are spoilt for choice, with CBD infused into pre-rolls, tinctures, oils, creams, gummy bears, capsules, drinks, coffee, and many other items simplifying consumption. Discover CBD softgels and learn everything you should know before making the purchase.

Let's start with the basics – by clarifying what CBD oil is and how it is manufactured. The CBD oil in its pure form is an extract from hemp plants, received by processing the hemp mainly with supercritical CO2 extraction techniques (a golden standard of modern CBD manufacturing) to squeeze CBD from the plants and use that concentrate for further infusion of consumer products.

Hemp is a CBD-rich and low-THC type of weed, so it is generally safer for use than regular cannabis. Besides, its extract requires less refining and purification, as it contains only trace amounts of THC and doesn't cause intoxication. Yet, the producers willing to sell their CBD products officially across the USA need to verify that their CBD extract has under 0.3% of THC. It's usually done in independent third-party labs that provide brands with a certificate of analysis (CoA) for user review.

Once CBD oil is produced, it becomes the raw material for infusion into various consumer products; it may be used as a concentrate in softgels, added to carrier oils like olive or coconut oil for edible production, or added to the vaping e-liquid for consumption via inhalation.

One of the popular ways to use CBD oil is via softgel swallowing. This method is highly convenient for consumers, as CBD oil commonly has a bitter, earthy taste that not everyone likes. Thus, softgels are a great odorless alternative to CBD oils consumed sublingually, pre-rolls, or tinctures.

Softgels represent soft gelatin capsules that contain CBD oil inside them. The soft and fine texture of softgels makes them easy to swallow, even if the items are large. These capsules are fully insulated to keep the liquid inside; they are usually made of glycerin, cornstarch, coconut oil, sorbitol, and some optional ingredients at the manufacturer's discretion. Most brands strive to appeal to wide consumer populations today, so they generally make softgels non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and not tested on animals. This way, the softgel product is safe and produced in line with the industry's highest standards.

Now, why should you consider softgels in favor of other CBD products? Here are a couple of simple facts that will prove their advantages for many users.

As we’ve already noted, softgels are called so because they are soft. They have a soft, flexible texture that makes them very easy to swallow, thus making them convenient even for people having trouble swallowing pills.

Every softgel contains a precisely measured amount of CBD, eliminating the risk of under- or overdosing. This way, you always know how much CBD you take, so you can adjust the dose as you experiment with CBD and track the effects you feel. CBD softgels are crazily popular among beginners, as they allow easy monitoring and planning of the needed dose; you take one softgel on day one and watch what happens. If you feel nothing, you can take two softgels the next day and see how your state changes. As a result, you can quickly identify your optimal CBD dose and stick to it for a safe, rewarding CBD user experience.

Softgels are not as easy to consume as a vape or a couple of gummy bears. Still, they are much more convenient than a tincture or oil in a dropper, which can create an undesirable mess around you or stain your clothing. All you need to enjoy the precisely dosed CBD amount is a softgel and a glass of water; that's it! Besides, if you place the softgels in a non-labeled box, nobody will ever know that you’re using CBD – that's a good guarantee of discreetness.

The major plus of CBD softgels is the absence of odor and smell. The liquid is encapsulated into a cover that doesn't leak or accidentally open. Thus, you’re always consuming CBD without unpleasant smells and earthy aftertaste.

Before sticking to softgels, make sure you check the cons of their use as well.

It would be wrong to consider softgels a panacea for all health problems, as they also come with all the side effects characteristic of CBD. Though cannabidiol is generally well-tolerated by people and animals, some side effects may surface, including liver injury, drowsiness, sleepiness, irritability, and fertility issues. So, it's vital to consult a medical professional to plan the CBD treatment plan and choose a safe dose and administration method.

Some softgels can stick together and make a mess if they’re improperly stored, exposed to sunlight, and heated too much.

All edibles have a lower level of bioavailability, as CBD is absorbed in the stomach and gut, and much of it is lost underway. Thus, softgels have less pronounced effects on the users if one compares the effect of, for instance, the same amount of CBD vaped and swallowed in a softgel.

The final note for everyone wishing to manage their stress, anxiety, or pain with CBD softgels; it's always essential to choose the best quality products and check all details on the label before the purchase. The market is awash with brands of different value, so your health is in your hands. Our recommendations for safe CBD product selection are as follows:

Keeping to these steps of product choice is sure to save you money, time, and health. Enjoy top-quality CBD for safe and efficient health management. Good luck!

The author of this article is Lana Braslavska, an expert in cannabis products and a brand ambassador for many CBD-related companies. Lana works as a full-time blogger at AskGrowers and educates all CBD users on safe, responsible consumption methods to improve their user experiences and health outcomes.