Empty Capsule Vegetarian Capsule

Empty Capsule Vegetarian Capsule

Shandong Yuwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Located in Yuwang city of Shandong province,is a manufacturing company establish


Basic Info
Model NO. 0# 00# 00#el
Packaging Bulk
Storage Note Moisture Proof
Logo Printing Without Logo Printing
Product Type Food
Warranty 36months
Color as You Require
Transport Package 6000pills/Carton
Specification 1000mg
Trademark OEM
Origin China
Production Capacity 5000000
Product Description

Shandong Yuwang PharmaceuticalLocated in Yuwang city of Shandong province,is a manufacturing company established in 1989.She refines crude fishoil from deep sea wild fish,concentrates its OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA),then encapsulates into softgel.Refined fishoil and softgel are supplied to global market as drugs and dietary supplements.
Yuwang Pharma. is the pioneer in the word who industrialized the technique of extracting OMEGA-3 from fishoil.She is the unique enterprise designated by China government for producing standardized EPA and DHA.

Yuwang Pharma.process 10,000 tons of crude fishoil and produce 3 billion pills annually,most of them are sold to European and American market .China Custom Data indicates that the export volume of Yuwang Pharma.Fishoil OMEGA-3 products anks NO.1 among all the exporters for many successive years.


Empty Capsule Vegetarian Capsule

Empty Capsule Vegetarian Capsule

Product Overview:

Softgel is a way of capsule packing, and it is common in pharmaceutical and health-care food. It is usually made by putting the liquid medicine into soft capsule material.Soft capsule material is made by mixing gelatin, glycerin and any other appropriate accessory. Hard capsule is made by making the medicinal materials extract andwell-proportioned powder or granule into empty capsule.

Applicable Scope:

Medicines, Health care food

Product Features:

Various kinds of fish oil softgels products;Various kinds of mould types;Better color and luster;Better stability.

Products Technical Specifications:

1.Compliance with the food safety requirements;2.Compliance with the standards for food and drug;3.Compliance with the regulations in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2010 edition);4.Compliance with the customers' standards.

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