Halal Certified High Adaptability Pullulan Capsules Size 000 Pure Transparent Vegetarian Empty Capsules

Halal Certified High Adaptability Pullulan Capsules Size 000 Pure Transparent Vegetarian Empty Capsules

Specification 1. Vacant Gelatin Capsule Gelatin empty capsule is the cap and body by the combined two piece of hard qual


Basic Info
Model NO. Empty hard capsule
HS Code 9602001000
Production Capacity 1000000 Piece/Pieces Per Day
Product Description

Customized size:000#-4#
TypeEmpty hard capsule
Customized color:Based on Pantone color card or client's sample
Customized printing logo:Axial printing or ring priting

1. Vacant Gelatin Capsule
Gelatin empty capsule is the cap and body by the combined two piece of hard quality and flexibility of the space capsule.The capsule should be smooth, uniform color, smooth incision,no deformation and strange smell. The product has three kind of type transparent, translucent, opaque. There are various size of capsule,the company can produces different specifications 000#, 00# ,0#,1 #, 2 #, 3 #,4#etc. Capsule color is various, modulated of their desired color according to customer requirements. The capsule also can color printing, showing a unique custom appearance.

2.Vacant PullulanCapsule :Material quality:High quality pullulan
Pullulan capsule is made of natural raw material pullulan polysaccharide obtained by microbial fermentation and appropriate auxiliary materials.Pure natural plant source, can meet the requirements of vegetarian, Islamic and Jewish culture.No TRANSGENIC, agricultural residues, BSE/TSE risk.Strong air barrier, low moisture content, high toughness, can effectively include content to avoid oxidation deterioration, can provide more effective protection for drugs.Strong stability, good compatibility with drugs, suitable for all kinds of drug filling, will not occur maillard, cross-linking and other reactions.

3.Enterosoluble Vacant EmptyGelatinCapsule: Enteric empty hard gelatin capsule
Traditional empty gelatin capsule will disintegrate and release within 10 minutes. But some contents are irritative to stomach or instable against acid and they need play therapeutic effect in intestinal tract, then you can choose Enteric Empty Gelatin Capsule, making sure drug target delivery to intestinal tract, which can improve therapeutic effect and lower dosage, and reduce harmful effects, convenient for patients to take. Also it can avoid oral taking protein and polypeptide drugs or health products degradation provides it with best absorption site.Enteric-coated capsule , effectively overcome the insufficiency of the molecular structure when protein encounters alcohols. Using its surface insufficiency it conducts an organic integration with the enteric coating, and the products attain a higher acid resistance and become more safer. Enteric Empty Capsule will greatly promote the development of special contents medicaments, providing pharmaceutical enterprises with a better choice for rapid, mass and low-cost production of enteric drugs.
4.Vacant HypromelloseCapsule:Natural HPMC Vegetable Capsules
Material quality:Top quality HPMC

· A capsule is an edible package made from gelatin or other suitable material and filled with a drug(s) to produce a unit dosage, mainly for oral use.
· Hard Capsule: or two-piece capsule which are composed of two pieces in the form of cylinders closed at one end. The shorter piece, called the "cap", fits over the open end of the longer piece, called the "body".
· The cellulose used to manufacture HPMC capsules is derived from trees, inert and free from animal source related issues. Low moisture content, ideal for moisture sensitive and liquid formulations.
· HPMC Capsules are odorless and tasteless, easy to swallow and effectively mask taste and odor. The oral bio-availability of these capsules is identical to hard gelatin capsules.

Company Profile
The earliest machine capsule manufacturer in China since 1986;
The first one to get NSF c-GMP in China from 2011;
The first capsule factory to get BRC AA grade;
The chairman member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Capsule Committee.
Organizing and formulating the first empty capsule standard for China.

Q: I want a price.
A: Pls feel free to contact us on our homepage. Quotation is provided within 12 hours.
Q: What shipping method you offer?
A: Capsules can be sent by LCL, FCL, express, air shipping, railway on your request.

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Full international certification: NSF c-GMP, BRC, DMF, ISO9001, Kosher, Halal, Pharmaceutical License
Full customization service: Customized color, customized printing, capsule separation
Full pearl color capsule for you to choose: Strongest in pearl capsule with rich design
Specialize in empty capsule for 30 years: Top quality with excellent price.


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