Liquid-Filled HPMC Natural Vegan Gastrolysis Empty Hard Capsule

Liquid-Filled HPMC Natural Vegan Gastrolysis Empty Hard Capsule

Qingdao Shenghai Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Gro


Basic Info
Model NO. 0# 00# 1#
Origin China
HS Code 9602001000
Production Capacity 3200000000pieces/Year
Product Description

Qingdao Shenghai Ocean Biotech is a joint venture established by Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group and State-owned Capital. Qingdao Shenghai Company is a comprehensive pharmaceutical technology enterprise integrating research and development, production and international sales.

Based on the supply chain advantage accumulated by the parent company of the Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group for more than 20 years, Shenghai Company uses seaweed raw materials from all over the world to produce seaweed capsules. The seaweed capsule has beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, excellent indexes and safety. Because of the high suitability ratio of the seaweed capsule has been praised by domestic and foreign customers.

As a Marine biomedicine enterprise, Shenghai company has obtained unique capsule patents and international BRC, HALAL, KOSHER, NSF system certification, completed registration with FDA in the United States.

Strive to become a world-class professional manufacturer of Marine plant capsules.

Unique competitive advantage

Our conventional capsules are transparent capsules and white capsules, which are made of Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose ( HPMC) and Seaweed Polysaccharide by low temperature molding process.

Color capsules do not add titanium dioxide, we provide customized color service for customers. Our professional team will color the capsule shell according to the standard color number specified by the customer.

We can provide customers with a variety of printing services, such as company name, brand name, product name and etc., which is conducive to better display the company brand and product characteristics, convenient for users to distinguish different drugs and avoid misuse.


It apply to all kinds of people due to there is no any animal components;

No preservatives added;

Ethylene oxide will not be used to sterilize, no chloroethanol residue;

Color capsule does not contain titanium dioxide.

Capsule suitability

Good toughness, high strength, easy to fill operation;

Capsule suitability ratio reached 99.99%.


Drying weight loss is less than 8.0%, suitable for water sensitive drugs.


With good physical properties, good breakage, not brittle, easy to store.


Stable chemical composition, no crosslinking reaction, no condensation reaction, no Maillard reaction;

No risk of Cross-linking Reaction with aldehyde based drugs and the large ring lactone antibiotic to avoid the difficulties for disintegration and dissolution after long time storage;

No risk of Maillard Reaction with carbohydrate drugs. No discoloration and caking;

No risk of Condensation Reaction with the tannins chemical composition existing in Traditional Chinese medicine. This prevents the drug from not disintegrating or dissolving.

  • The storage condition

The product should be sealed up, the temperature is 10-30ºC and the humidity is 20%--65%.

  • Shelf-life

24 months

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